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 Dark elves V High Elves

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PostSubject: Dark elves V High Elves   Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:51 pm

Been having a look at the difference between Dark and High Elves and I can't wait to have a game against your High Elves Jamie. There should be some interesting combats in there. Would love to see the Sword Masters against the Black Guard. Only bummer is I have lost my +1 to casting Crying or Very sad.

They have done some very interesting things with some of the units like the Shades now have WS5 and BS5 and can take great weapons for 2 points each. Making them a very good unit with them being Skirmished Scouts. They have also put the Executioners and Cold One Knights upto S4.

Let us know when you can play Jamie. I go away for a week but will be back next Friday if you fancy a game.
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Dark elves V High Elves
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